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My name is Kevin Popham, and I am running for a seat on the Ohio Fifth District Court of Appeals, because I believe that my background and experience makes me the best candidate to serve the citizens of the 15 counties in this appellate district. Society places special trust and confidence in its judiciary. I believe that being a judge is the pinnacle of the legal profession, and it would be my honor to serve on your appellate court.


As a lifelong conservative, I will bring common sense, conservative values, and a strict adherence to the constitutional separation of powers, meaning I will not legislate from the bench, which I know from speaking with many of you in the district are the traits you are looking for in a judge.

If elected, I promise to uphold the integrity of the office and will never dishonor your vote.

Thank you for your support in 2024!


"Our judiciary needs common sense conservative judges now more than ever. Kevin Popham's legal and military background along with his conservative values make him a great choice for the bench. I encourage you to support Kevin Popham for Ohio's Fifth District Court of Appeals in the March 19th Republican primary" 

- Congressman Jim Jordan


"As a lifelong conservative, Kevin Popham understands tat the Constitution and the rule of law are the bedrock of our judicial system.


Kevin has the right experience and the right temperament to serve honorably on Ohio's Fifth District Court of Appeals. That is why I am asking my fellow conservatives to join me in standing up for our tried and true American values by voting for Conservative Kevin Popham on or before March 19th!" 

- Congressman Troy Balderson

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